Get Involved With Color It Forward!

There are many ways to get involved with Color It Forward:

  1. Salon Affiliate

    • Becoming a Salon Affiliate is a great way to serve your local community, as well as a branding opportunity for your salon.  Please email michelle@color-it-forward.orgto receive information on becoming an affiliate in your area.
  2. Corporate Sponsorship

    • We welcome sponsors from a variety of industries. Our mutually beneficial partnerships reward everyone involved- the sponsor, the organization, and most importantly, the clients of Color It Forward.
  3. Donate

    • Color It Forward accepts donations in many forms including monetary, in-kind, service, and other.
  4. Volunteer & Clothing Drive

    • Please contact us for volunteer opportunities or information about our bi-yearly clothing drive.


If you would like to get involved with Color It Forward, we are always open to new ideas and eager to make new relationships, as well as maintain our current client/salon partnerships.